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After receiving the money, I was able to do renovations and other repairs in my business. Because of this, my business has been improving day by day, thanks to Fast Financial Group. I am planning on opening a new business very soon, and I will need more capital through you. My experience in general has been very positive.

Jorge Acevedo


The first time Fast Financial Group helped me was when one of our machines broke down and we were able to buy new equipment. The second time, we were with little inventory, and the capital advance allowed us to complete our inventory. It was very easy to deal with Fast Financial Group, because before I had dealt with another company and with you it was much easier and with fewer complications. The whole process was very fluid, it has been really easy to work with you.

Aldofo V.

Tire Company

I use capital to advertise and promote my business. The person I dealt with gave me a very good service and was always helpful. I’m very pleased to have found them.

Blanca Quirino

Home Cleaning Services

I used the capital to get inventory for my business without any problems. My Business Consultant was quick to follow-up with any questions I had.

John Harris

Hobby Shop

Before I contacted you, I did a little research. Other beauty salons told me that you were a very good choice, and that I should take advantage of your service and that the process was easy. At first, I was not convinced that programs like this would work. I was very cautious but the support that I received from you was very good. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The capital achieved gave me the flexibility that I did not have before. I was able to increase the inventory and modernize my living room. The service was very friendly and very easy to follow.

David A

Beauty Salon

I was skeptical at first because it seemed too easy. But, after I spoke with my Account Executive a few times it was the easiest cash advance I took out, ever! The best part is the payments are so easy you don’t miss them. And there’s no interest like with loans. A merchant cash advance for your Company will help any business. I love it!

Mike S.

Auto Service

I’m really grateful for the help I received, when I needed it most. I will definitely do business with Fast Financial Group again.

Juan H.

Auto Shop

My name is Andrea Maffei. I discovered your company in December 2012. I saw the website. I had just opened my business and needed capital quickly to grow my business. When I called they were very friendly and extremely professional. The person I talked to was very helpful and explained how easy it was to get started. I filled out the application and I gave the rest of the documentation you asked for and a week later the money was deposited to my bank account. The process was fast and easy and the payment plan was very good. I recently applied for a second advance and could not be happier. Thanks for making my experience with you very good. I definitely recommend using your service to anyone who does not have the best credit and needs capital.

Andrea Maffei

Everything Hair

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